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Sponsored Speakers

The Atlantic World Research Network sponsors and co-sponsors presentations by distinguished visitors to UNCG, some planned by the Network itself, others by allied departments and units. We invite inquiries to awrn@uncg.edu from those wishing to bring a speaker or presenter to campus whose research or creative activity addresses the transatlantic exchange—in the humanities, the social sciences, the natural sciences, or the arts. Please provide a CV for the proposed visitor, along with a brief (100-250-word) description of his or her presentation. Preference given to presentations whose likely transatlantic or circumatlantic connections are substantial rather than incidental.

Past Speakers:


Mar. 2013—Mary Bucci Bush (Cal State U. LA): Indentured Italian Women in the American South

Dec. 12, 2012—Carlota Santana (New York): Flamenco Dance Demonstration

Nov. 15-16, 2012—Geney Beltrán Félix (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México): 20th-Century Mexican Writers and the U.S.

Oct. 26, 2012—Britta Kallin: Grimms’ Fairy Tales at 200

Oct. 9, 2012—Salgado Maranhão (São Paola, Brazil): Poetry Reading, Blood of the Sun

Oct. 4, 2012—Niamh O’Leary (Xavier U.): Shakespeare’s “Tiger Mothers”


Mar. 21, 2012—Eileen Gillooly (Columbia U.): Dickens, Our Contemporary

Mar. 13, 2012—Samuele Pardini (Elon U.): Booker T. Washington in Sicily

Feb. 23, 2012—Brian Richardson (U. Maryland): The Fate of Reading in the 20th Century


Apr. 19, 2011—Stephen Prickett (U. of Kent): The Bible and the Making of Transatlantic Modernity

Apr. 18, 2011—Javier Lorenzo (ECU): A Stanza for a New Age: Modernity and the Sonnet in Fernando de Herrera’s Obras de Garcilaso de la Vega con Anotaciones (1580)

Oct. 9, 2010—Julio Ortega (Brown U.): The Hispanic Transatlantic: Language and Dialogue

Oct. 9, 2010—Peter Mark (Wesleyan U.): A Religious Discourse in Ivory: West African, Christian,
and Jewish Symbolism in Luso-African Carvings

Oct. 8, 2010—Susan Manning (U. Edinburgh/STAR): Character and Correspondence in Transatlantic Literary Friendship

Oct. 8, 2010—Laurent Dubois (Duke U.): Voltaire and Dessalines in the Theatre of the Atlantic


Apr. 23, 2010—Bruce Burningham (Illinois State U.): Desire, Dulcinea, and Disenchantment in David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive”

Jan. 29, 2010—David Shields (U. South Carolina): Liberating Canada: Anglo-Imperial Legacies and the Attempted Conquest of 1838


Spring 2009: Film Series: After Trauma, Across the Atlantic: Post-Dictatorship in Spain and Argentina

Mar. 9, 2009—Dana Williams (Howard U.): New Methods in Africana/Transatlantic Studies

Mar. 4, 2009—Gail McDonald (U. Southampton): Imaginary Nations: Transatlantic Modernism and Cosmopolitanism

Feb. 20, 2009—Timothy Campbell (Cornell U.): Italian Futurism and the American Avant-Garde

Feb. 13, 2009—Geoffrey R. DiLeo (U. Houston): Cross Disciplinary Workshop on Multidisciplinary  Writing and Publishing

Feb. 9, 2009—Leslie Gay (U. Tennessee): Danish Modernity, Rytmisk Musik, and the Film Danmark

Nov. 21, 2008—Juliana Nfah-Abbenyi (NC State): The Woman-Girl in/at War in African Women’s Writing

Nov. 6, 2008—Marisa Fuentes (UC Berkeley): Silenced Histories: Enslaved Women, the Archive and Power in the Urban Atlantic World

Oct. 11, 2008—Richard Strier (U. Chicago): What Makes George Herbert So Great?

Oct. 10, 2008—Elizabeth Clarke (U. Warwick): Travels Around a Small Island: Changing Responses to George Herbert in Seventeenth-Century England

Oct. 10, 2008—Judith Maltby (Corpus Christi, Oxford): “Neither to Mean Nor Yet Too Gay”? Locating Early Anglicanism

Oct. 9, 2008—Carl Phillips (Washington U.): Reading from His Poetry

Oct. 9, 2008—Mark Strand (Columbia U.) Reading from His Poetry