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Sponsored Speakers

The Atlantic World Research Network sponsors and co-sponsors presentations by distinguished visitors to UNCG, some planned by the Network itself, others by allied departments and units. We invite inquiries to awrn@uncg.edu from those wishing to bring a speaker or presenter to campus whose research or creative activity addresses the transatlantic exchange—in the humanities, the social sciences, the natural sciences, or the arts. Please provide a CV for the proposed visitor, along with a brief (100-250-word) description of his or her presentation. Preference given to presentations whose likely transatlantic or circumatlantic connections are substantial rather than incidental.

Past Speakers:

2020-2021 (COVID year)

Mar. 31, 2021—Christopher Hodgkins (UNCG): Literary Study of the Bible—Scuppernong Video Book Launch; YouTube link: https://youtu.be/AFNMWHNEIXU

Sept. 9, 2020—Lisa Tetrault (Carnegie Mellon U.): The Legacy of the 19th Amendment: Why History Matters to Struggles for Voting Rights Today (co-sponsored with History and WGS, part the UNCG series SheCanWeCan)


Apr. 29, 2020—Ethan McSweeney (American Shakespeare Center): Slow Theater: A Manifesto”—COVID Cancelled; rescheduled as a 75-minute Zoom Q & A

Mar. 30, 2020—Trio Kativar, Traditional Sephardic Songs—COVID Cancelled

Feb. 26, 2020—Josefina Báez (Afro-Dominican writer, poet, performer, and educator, Ay Ombe Theater, New York City): Poetry Reading

Feb. 21, 2020—Johannes Riquet (Tampere U. Finland): Interrupted Railway Modernities: Precarious Train Journeys in Fiction and Cinema

Sept. 6, 2019—Ana Paula Höfling (UNCG): Staging Brazil: Choreographies of Capoeira—Scuppernong Book Launch


Feb. 27, 2019—Jürgen Grandt (U. of North Georgia): Bebop in Bavaria: The Reception and Practice of African American Studies in Europe

Feb. 15, 2019—The Shakespeare We Love: Panel for UNCG’s Shakespeare in Love premiere


Preston Lane (Triad Stage)

Kathleen Lynch (The Folger Institute, Washington, DC)

Sarah Enloe (American Shakespeare Center, Staunton, VA)

John Gulley (UNCG School of Theatre)

Jennifer Park (UNCG Department of English)

Nov. 30, 2018—Geoffrey Stone (U. of Chicago School of Law): Free Speech on Campus: A Challenge of Our Time (part of UNCG’s series, The Sixties: Exploring the Limits)

Nov. 8, 2018—Leah Middlebrook (U. of Oregon): Amphionic Poetics: A Theory of Lyric for Times of Cultural Change

Oct. 3, 2018—Tara Green (UNCG): Reimagining the Middle Passage: Black Resistance in Literature, Television, and Song


Mar. 19, 2018—Elizabeth Perrill (UNCG CVPA): Five Years in the Making: African Art Curation and Public-Facing Scholarship at the NC Museum of Art

Feb. 26, 2018—Can We Talk: A Conversation about Race and Faith


Jeff Miller (Christ Church Greensboro)

Will Dungee (Grace Community Church)

Charles McKnight (West Charlotte Church)

Clint Darst (King’s Cross Church)

Alicia Tuck (Campus Outreach)

Shar Walker (UNCG Student)

Sept. 7-9, 2017—Atlantic World Arts Conference:


Fiona Ritchie (National Public Radio): The Thistle & Shamrock

Doug Orr (Warren Wilson C.; UNC Asheville): Music and the Swannanoa Gathering

Candace Keller (Michigan State U.): Transcultural Visions: International Fashion & West African Portraiture

Jeff Titon (Brown U.): Reverend C. L. Franklin and the Black Atlantic

Featured Performance:

Mary Jane Lamond and Wendy MacIsaac—Scottish Gaelic Singers from Cape Breton, Canada                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Apr. 17, 2017—Colleen Kriger (UNCG): From Child Slave to Madam Esperance: One Woman’s Career in the Anglo-African World, c. 1675-1704

Apr. 12, 2017—Elizabeth Rhodes (Boston C.): Early Modern Catholicism and Sexual Abuse: Texts, Truth, and Trouble(co-sponsored by LLC and WGS)

Mar. 7, 2017—Erika Edwards (UNC Charlotte): Mistresses, Wives, Mothers, Daughters: Black Women and the Nascent Argentine Republic, 1776-1830 (co-sponsored with History)

Feb. 14, 2017—Susan Pedersen (Columbia U.): Winning the War, Winning the Peace: Twentieth-Century “Post-Wars” Compared (part of UNCG’s series, War and Peace Imagined)

Nov. 17, 2016—Amélia Polónia (U. of Porto, Portugal): Atlantic World or Atlantic Worlds?  How to Deal with Memories and Heritage of an Afro-Iberian-American World connected by the Atlantic?


Mar. 29, 2016—Brenda Marie Osbey (Brown U.): A Poetry Reading on the Transatlantic Slave Trade (co-sponsored with African-American Studies and English)

Mar. 23-24, 2016—Alejandro de la Fuente (Harvard U.): Afro-Latin American Studies (co-sponsored with LLC).

Mar. 22, 2016—Andrei Terian (Lucian Blaga U., Sibiu, Romania): The Teaching of Literature in Post-Cold-War Romania: Globalization and Its Challenges” (co-sponsored with English and QEP)


Mar. 30, 2015—Cristina Stanciu (Virginia Commonwealth U.): Parallel Lives, Intersecting Visions: Native American & New Immigrant Intellectuals and the Americanization Project

Feb. 3, 2015—David Geggus (U. Florida): The Haitian Revolution

Sept. 11, 2014—Malcolm Guite (Girton C., Cambridge): Heaven’s Troubadour: An Evening of Poetry and Song


Feb. 26, 2014—Joel Zito Araujo (Portuguese Film-maker): Afro-Brazilian Trafficking (co-sponsored with African-American Studies)

Jan. 30-Feb. 2, 2014—Atlantic World Foodways Conference:


David Shields, U. South Carolina (Lowcountry)

Jessica B. Harris, Queen’s C., CUNY (Africa)

John Dickie, University C., London (Italy)

Maricel Presilla, President, Gran Cacao; Food Columnist, Miami Herald (Latin America)       2013 James Beard Award for Best Cookbook: Gran Cocina Latina

Featured Chefs:

Sean Brock, Executive Chef, Husk and McCrady’s, Charleston, SC; Husk, Nashville, TN

(Lowcountry) Bon Appetit’s 2012 “Best New Restaurant in America”: Husk, Charleston

Jay Pierce, Executive Chef, Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen, Greensboro and Cary, NC

(Piedmont, Lowcountry, and Africa)

Gabriele Grigolon, Executive Chef, OTG Management, New York, NY (Italy)

Leigh Hesling, Executive Chef, Green Valley Grill & Print Works Bistro, Greensboro, NC


Timothy Bocholis, Executive Chef, Bistro B, Kernersville, NC (Spain)

Nov. 21, 2013—Elizabeth Wright (U. Georgia): Reconfiguring a Spanish Seduction Plot for a Mexican Mission (co-sponsored with LLC)

Nov. 14, 2013—Naief Yehya (Mexican author and journalist): Mexican Cyberculture (co-sponsored with LLC)

Oct. 21, 2013—Hephzibah Roskelly (UNCG): Loving Jane, A Public Discussion of the 200th Anniverary of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (co-sponsored with the UNCG Library)


Apr. 16, 2013—Mary Bucci Bush (Cal State U. LA): Indentured Italian Women in the American South

Dec. 12, 2012—Carlota Santana (New York): Flamenco Dance Demonstration

Nov. 15-16, 2012—Geney Beltrán Félix (U. Nacional Autónoma de México): 20th-Century Mexican Writers and the U.S.

Oct. 26, 2012—Britta Kallin: Grimms’ Fairy Tales at 200

Oct. 9, 2012—Salgado Maranhão (São Paola, Brazil): Poetry Reading, Blood of the Sun

Oct. 4, 2012—Niamh O’Leary (Xavier U.): Shakespeare’s “Tiger Mothers”


Mar. 21, 2012—Eileen Gillooly (Columbia U.): Dickens, Our Contemporary

Mar. 13, 2012—Samuele Pardini (Elon U.): Booker T. Washington in Sicily

Feb. 23, 2012—Brian Richardson (U. Maryland): The Fate of Reading in the 20th Century


Apr. 19, 2011—Stephen Prickett (U. of Kent): The Bible and the Making of Transatlantic Modernity

Apr. 18, 2011—Javier Lorenzo (ECU): A Stanza for a New Age: Modernity and the Sonnet in Fernando de Herrera’s Obras de Garcilaso de la Vega con Anotaciones (1580)

Oct. 9, 2010—Julio Ortega (Brown U.): The Hispanic Transatlantic: Language and Dialogue

Oct. 9, 2010—Peter Mark (Wesleyan U.): A Religious Discourse in Ivory: West African, Christian,
and Jewish Symbolism in Luso-African Carvings

Oct. 8, 2010—Susan Manning (U. Edinburgh/STAR): Character and Correspondence in Transatlantic Literary Friendship

Oct. 8, 2010—Laurent Dubois (Duke U.): Voltaire and Dessalines in the Theatre of the Atlantic


Apr. 23, 2010—Bruce Burningham (Illinois State U.): Desire, Dulcinea, and Disenchantment in David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive”

Jan. 29, 2010—David Shields (U. South Carolina): Liberating Canada: Anglo-Imperial Legacies and the Attempted Conquest of 1838


Spring 2009: Film Series: After Trauma, Across the Atlantic: Post-Dictatorship in Spain and Argentina

Mar. 9, 2009—Dana Williams (Howard U.): New Methods in Africana/Transatlantic Studies

Mar. 4, 2009—Gail McDonald (U. Southampton): Imaginary Nations: Transatlantic Modernism and Cosmopolitanism

Feb. 20, 2009—Timothy Campbell (Cornell U.): Italian Futurism and the American Avant-Garde

Feb. 13, 2009—Geoffrey R. DiLeo (U. Houston): Cross Disciplinary Workshop on Multidisciplinary  Writing and Publishing

Feb. 9, 2009—Leslie Gay (U. Tennessee): Danish Modernity, Rytmisk Musik, and the Film Danmark

Nov. 21, 2008—Juliana Nfah-Abbenyi (NC State): The Woman-Girl in/at War in African Women’s Writing

Nov. 6, 2008—Marisa Fuentes (UC Berkeley): Silenced Histories: Enslaved Women, the Archive and Power in the Urban Atlantic World

Oct. 11, 2008—Richard Strier (U. Chicago): What Makes George Herbert So Great?

Oct. 10, 2008—Elizabeth Clarke (U. Warwick): Travels Around a Small Island: Changing Responses to George Herbert in Seventeenth-Century England

Oct. 10, 2008—Judith Maltby (Corpus Christi, Oxford): Neither to Mean Nor Yet Too Gay? Locating Early Anglicanism

Oct. 9, 2008—Carl Phillips (Washington U.): Reading from His Poetry

Oct. 9, 2008—Mark Strand (Columbia U.) Reading from His Poetry