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Around the World

Click here for links to a variety of Atlantic World resources and study groups throughout North America and around the Atlantic Rim, as well as information about AWRN-related programs involving overseas research, teaching, and travel—including international conferences co-sponsored abroad.

One hears so much about globalism and globalization, both in the academy and in commerce, but Atlantic World Studies truly deserves the global name. Though centered on the “western” side of the globe, the peoples and civilizations of Europe, Africa, and the Americas have encountered, collided, and combined around the Atlantic Rim to create one of the world’s first truly global cultures—and one that remains hotly contested.

So while our Network’s mission includes connecting like-minded colleagues across campus, we also are making connections throughout our region, around our nation, back across the Atlantic, and around the world. UNCG has emerged as a leader in Atlantic World Studies in the southeastern United States and provides leadership in Atlantic World Studies throughout North America and globally.

We have projected a partnership (interrupted by COVID and now re-assembling) around transatlantic digital archives bringing together Emory University (home of the Transatlantic Slave Trade Database) and the College of Charleston (home of the Carolina Lowcountry and Atlantic World program and of the Lowcountry Digital Library) with UNCG (home of the Digital Library on American Slavery). This three-way partnership would present one or more events on the creation, development, and curating of such extensive digital archives.

Remarkably, UNCG is already well on its way towards this leadership goal. Our 2004 conferences on Southern Backcountry and Creating Identity and Empire, our seven transatlantic gatherings (so far) from 2007 through 2022 on the poet George Herbert (two in England, three in the US, one in Wales, one in France), our three further successful Atlantic World conferences in 2010, 2014, and 2017 (Literacies, Foodway, and Arts), and our emerging plans for a stimulating Atlantic World Drinks and Brews conference—all mark UNCG as a star in this rapidly-growing area of inquiry. With partners from Britain, Spain and Brazil to Italy, France and Denmark, and from the Folger Institute on Capitol Hill to the American Shakespeare Center in Virginia, this far-flung interdisciplinary network leads the way.