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Application Instructions for UNCG Folger Affiliates

This link provides a few important instructions for UNCG affiliates—tenure-line faculty and graduate students, both PhD and MA in all the Folger’s areas of inquiry—that supplement the instructions and application forms found on the Folger Institute’s website at
There, at the “Current Programs” link, you will find up-to-date listings of all Folger Institute programs and a specific description of each program with schedule and application deadlines. At the “Application Information” link you’ll find succinct instructions for applying through the online application portal, and the actual online application forms themselves, which are straightforward and easy to use. (To log in, you’ll use your email address as your username, and create your own password.)

In addition to these Folger website materials, here are a few other important instructions and details to keep in mind as you consider applying for Folger Institute programs:

  • First, APPLY! These benefits truly are as good as they sound: UNCG affiliates have preferred application status for all programs, and if accepted they have all registration fees waived, and are eligible for travel and lodging grants-in-aid to attend. Again, these benefits apply to tenure-line faculty at all levels, and to graduate students, PhD and MA both.
  • Second, plan ahead and allow lead time. Send your draft Statement of Research Plans to Faculty Representative Christopher Hodgkins ( early enough to allow him to make suggestions for improving the application—at least a week in advance of the Folger’s deadline. (In the subject line please indicate FOLGER APPLICATION DRAFT: [TITLE OF PROGRAM].) As Folger Institute Faculty Representative for UNCG, Professor Hodgkins is responsible for evaluating each application, which means confirming your UNCG status and endorsing your research plan, or not. He does not make any final acceptance decisions, or decisions about funding, but obviously it will be best if he has had a chance to review your application unofficially before he is asked by the Folger to respond officially.
  • Third, in seeking letters of support, be advised that most letters come from within one’s own department, either from a colleague, a supervisor, or a mentor who knows you and your work well. If you seek a letter from someone off campus, it should be from a prominent scholar whom you’re reasonably sure is known to the Folger Institute. The Institute discourages the regular writing of support letters by the Faculty Representative, since it is his or her duty to sign off on the final product. Also bear in mind that you’ll need a second “certification” letter ONLY IF you do not yet have a Folger Reader’s Card; this brief letter should be from a departmental administrator—Head, Associate Head, Graduate Director, etc.—who can certify your status as UNCG faculty or student and thus your scholarly purpose in using the Folger collections.
  • Fourth, in figuring expenses for the application, remember that if your application for funding is accepted, the Folger Institute will usually cover the lowest possible airfare, plus one night’s lodging per visit (two or three for weekend programs). Thus if you are accepted into a ten-week seminar, and awarded travel funding, your likely stipend will be for the lowest possible round-trip airfare on ten separate dates between GSO (or if you specify, RDU) and Reagan National Airport (DCA), which puts you directly on the Washington Metro train right to Capitol South station. (Thus in most cases Reagan National is preferable to Dulles—IAD—for our purposes; though soon Dulles will be connected to the Metro Silver Line to ; and in some cases Baltimore/Washington International Airport—BWI—may have low fares as well, and the MARC train from BWI takes you directly to Washington’s Union Station near the Folger for a low fare.)
  • Fifth, as to lodging, you’ll also need to reserve one night’s room stay per weekly seminar visit at either the Folger Guest House (for one- or two-semester programs that meet monthly) or at a nearby hotel (for weekend symposia, workshops, and conferences). If you miss the Folger Guest House reservation window, the Folger will still defray your costs at a local hotel of your choice, up to the Guest House rate.
  • Sixth, and finally, the Folger Institute and the Newberry Library in Chicago have a reciprocity agreement in place under which one applies to the Newberry for admission and to the Folger Institute for funding requests. For this two-part application process, please see

Again, remember to contact the Faculty Representative before making plans to apply for a Newberry program.