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Jewel Parker Wins AWRN Graduate Student Research Grant




October 22, 2021

Jewel Parker Wins AWRN Graduate Student Research Grant

We are pleased to announce that the 2021-2022 Atlantic World Research Network (AWRN) Graduate Student Research Grant has been awarded to Jewel Parker, PHD Student in History with a concentration in Public History.

This AWRN grant of $500 will help to support Jewel’s dissertation project, “The Intercultural Origins of Health Care in the Antebellum South.” More specifically, this grant will enable her to do archival work at the South Carolina Historical Society for her chapter “The Transatlantic Slave Trade: New Ideas of Health and Healing in America.”

Congratulations to Jewel on a project that documents the botanical legacy that enslaved Africans brought to America as well as how African people preserved medical knowledge and practices. Her dissertation analyzes the transcultural interactions that led American Indians, Africans, and Europeans to change their medical practices, contributing to the development of the American pharmacopeia from the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries. Many thanks also to Dr. Greg O’Brien for contributing his helpful and detailed letter of support.

AWRN Graduate Student Research Grants are available by application each fall and are open to MA, MS, MBA, MFA, and PHD student applicants seeking to defray the costs of travel to collections, conferences, field work sites, artistic and theatrical venues, museums, summer seminars, and specialized summer schools. For further information, please email