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Dear Atlantic World Foodways participants:

Here is a growing list of media responses and video resources following the Atlantic World Foodways conference at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, and Greensboro’s Proximity and O.Henry Hotels, to explore the foodways of Africa, the Carolina Lowcountry, Italy, and Spain. Thanks to our keynote speakers and featured chefs for giving permission to share their ideas in this way, and thanks especially to Frederick Douglass Opie for his work in recording a number of these presentations and interviews.

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro's Research and Economic Development Office offers this "Spotlight" and some excellent pictures of the conference::

Manon Herzog of Davis Brand Capital gives her overview and appreciation of the conference: 

The Black Atlantic and La Gran Cocina Latina--Thursday, January 30th, 2014--Plenary Panel Discussion: Food Scholars Maricel Presilla (President, Gran Cacao Company) and Jessica B. Harris (Africooks and Queen’s College CUNY):

Chef Sean Brock (Husk, Charleston and Nashville, McCrady’s, Charleston) at the Lowcountry Dinner, Proximity Hotel, January 31st, 2014:

Fred Opie interviews Professor David Shields (University of South Carolina) and ChefFarmer Matthew Raiford (Gilliard Farms, Brunswick, GA), on Peanuts and the Atlantic Slave Trade:

Plenary Panel, Friday, January 31st, 2014--Studying, Marketing and Cooking Lowcountry Food--Frederick Douglass Opie (Babson College), Marcie Cohen Ferris (UNC Chapel Hill), Matthew Raiford (Gilliard Farms, Brunswick, GA): 

Jessica Harris of Africooks and the Queens College CUNY at the Lowcountry Dinner, Proximity Hotel, January 31st, 2014:

Chef Jay Pierce (Lucky 32 Southern Kitchen, Greensboro and Cary, NC), Interviewed in the Greensboro News & Record: